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“I’ll Always Love My Mama” (Part 2) — What I learned from my Mother about Restorative Justice

Yesterday, Veterans’ Day, I remembered my father, a World War II vet.  Today, I want to remember my mother.  The 35th anniversary of my mother’s death is fast approaching.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long, yet, it’s … Continue reading

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Memorial Day (2013) — Remembering My Daddy

It’s Memorial Day, when we remember the men and women who have and are serving in our armed services. Today, I remember my father. He served his country during World War II. He enlisted in the Army on October 31, … Continue reading

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Those annoying popups (ads)

I was on doing further research into my roots when I went to print out a Census record, I got the following ad: “Attention Visitors” “For a short time, we are offering visitors a Complimentary Background Check. “Perform discreet … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Tracing Roots

I previously blogged about tracing my roots back to 1805 and how it’s getting hard to go back further in time because almost all my white ancestors in the South (North Carolina) are not on the tree. One of the … Continue reading

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“My Lord, What a Morning”

Hard at work on my third book of poetry, tentatively titled, “The Black Feminine Mystique.” It’s a collection of poetry for and about women of color, from myth to reality, from history to my story. Here is one of my … Continue reading

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From my book, Black Shadows and Through the White Looking Glass — one of my favorite passages

II On the auction blocks, male and female and even child, bronze bodies oiled and buffed, prepared to be sold like used furniture. Bare black breasts weighed with rough white hands, squeezed like fruit. Teeth exposed, dirty white fingers rubbed … Continue reading

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“I’ll Always Love My Mama (Part 1)

Today, Mother’s Day, if one turns on the radio one is bound to hear The Intruders’ “I’ll Always Love My Mama,” inspired by one of The Intruders’ (Kenny Gamble) Mama, Ruby. Although the song, released in 1973, didn’t make it … Continue reading

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