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Spring Cleaning and Discovering My Roots

Last night I stopped by my sister Jeanette’s place — she’s the eldest, I’m the second eldest — and helped with some Spring cleaning. ¬†We looked through a box, an old box, a box she probably hasn’t looked in for … Continue reading

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Those annoying popups (ads)

I was on doing further research into my roots when I went to print out a Census record, I got the following ad: “Attention Visitors” “For a short time, we are offering visitors a Complimentary Background Check. “Perform discreet … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Tracing Roots

I previously blogged about tracing my roots back to 1805 and how it’s getting hard to go back further in time because almost all my white ancestors in the South (North Carolina) are not on the tree. One of the … Continue reading

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Roots – Back in 1805

I have been doing some research into my family’s family tree, and I have made it back in time 200+ years! I am back in 1805, and the White people in my family tree are starting to pop up. They’re … Continue reading

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