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What I learned from my mother about tolerance…and appreciation

Growing up in Marcy Housing in Brooklyn, one of my neighbors was gay. Everyone in the building knew this. Everyone accepted this, because this is who he was. I won’t say that everyone in the projects accepted this, but most … Continue reading

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Superman and a Little Girl’s Imagination

I am walking down a busy Brooklyn Street when a little girl sees me and says, “Superman to the rescue!” I strike a pose and walk, not fly away. I am wearing a Superman tee shirt, and I feel Super. … Continue reading

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Fathers’ Day

Fathers’ Day is tomorrow. Nowhere near as many cards, gifts and flowers will go to fathers as Mothers’ Day . In fact, Fathers’ Day, after Mothers’ Day, is anticlimactic. Nonetheless, fathers are important in any equation when we talk about … Continue reading

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Reentry is an Odyssey

The Odyssey, the epic poem by Homer and the second oldest extant work of Western literature, is a reentry story. It is a story about returning, of trying to get home, of how hard it is to return, of how … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning and Other Discoveries

During the Spring Cleaning that I mentioned in another blog, I did not mention that I discovered something else: two manuscripts I wrote in my 20s, when I was aspiring to be a novelist. The first, “Streets of Rage,” is … Continue reading

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Mother’s Message on my sister’s Christening Day – January 4, 1959

To Jeanette: I want to wish you on this your Christening Day all the happiness, prosperity, health, and wealth through your entire lifespan.  I also hope that you will continue to be as well behaved as you were today.

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“Memories,” by Barbara Streisand, is one my favorite songs. I love the lyrics: Memories Light the corners of my mind Misty watercolor memories Of the way we were Scattered pictures Of the times we left behind Smiles we gave to … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning and Discovering My Roots

Last night I stopped by my sister Jeanette’s place — she’s the eldest, I’m the second eldest — and helped with some Spring cleaning.  We looked through a box, an old box, a box she probably hasn’t looked in for … Continue reading

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