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Juror B in the Zimmerman Trial

Juror B in the Zimmerman trial came out and said her heart said something different than the law and the verdict. Really? A standard charge in almost any criminal trial by a judge is: “As jurors you are solely judges … Continue reading

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Reflections on Black Patriotism

I remember, in the summer of my life, when my blood boiled, as hot as the sun, with righteous indignation at American injustice. This, from a native son, a born and bred Brooklynite. I remember, in my youth, questioning Black … Continue reading

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A Statue for the Unknown Slave Woman?

I was watching the news, and saw people at the Statue of Liberty, which was reopened today, the Fourth of July. Many people commented on this statue as a symbol of freedom. And it made me think of that other … Continue reading

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