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This day in history — April 18, 1946 — Davis Knight Marries Junie Lee Spradley in Mississippi

On April 18, 1946, a thirty-two-year-old Navy veteran named Davis Knight married Junie Lee Spradley, a white woman. In June 1948, the state indicted Mr. Knight for violating a law that prohibited “marriage or cohabitation between white persons and those … Continue reading

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This day in history — April 11, 1913 — President Wilson Permits Segregation Within Federal Government

On April 11, 1913, recently inaugurated President Woodrow Wilson received Postmaster General Albert Burleson’s plan to segregate the Railway Mail Service. Burleson reported that he found it “intolerable” that white and black employees had to work together and share drinking … Continue reading

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Timeless Enemies, Timeless “little” White Lies

In my penultimate blog, I wrote about the TV series, “Timeless.”  At the end, I mentioned Puerto Rican nationalist-revolutionary Oscar Lopez Rivera, and how the opposition to honoring him in the 2017 Puerto Rican Day Parade is connected to “Timeless,” … Continue reading

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Redlining, Reentry, and the Nonprofit Game

The past twenty years I have worked in the nonprofit sector which, if it wasn’t a business entity, would provide a classic illustration of a misnomer, because many entities and people profit in this sector, some much more than others. … Continue reading

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The Crimes of Bill Clinton Cannot Be Expugned

As Hillary Clinton sprints to the finish line, seemingly to be the democratic candidate for the presidency, I keep thinking of the role her husband, President Bill Clinton, played in the mass incarceration of the nation, specifically Black men.  Granted, … Continue reading

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Mario the Magician

Mario Cuomo, former three-term governor of New York, dead at 82. Mario Cuomo was an eloquent spokesperson for not only liberal democrats but also for social justice. Nonetheless, he was a good, not a great, governor. Greatness did not elude … Continue reading

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In the Line of Duty (From my book, “Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats”)

The heroes are dead and nothing else matters Under a gray sky the women are dressed in black At the grave site hearing homilies paying homage to heroics Their sobs background music to pontificating politicians Under a gray sky the … Continue reading

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