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Happy Black History Month!

Today, February 1, 2021, is Black History Month. Before there was Black History Month, there was Black History Week. Actually, then it was called “Negro History Week.” In 1926 (the year my father was born), historian Carter G. Woodson and … Continue reading

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today, January 27th, is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. A Time magazine article, “‘Hate Never Disappears. It Just Takes a Break for a While.’ Why the U.S. Capitol Attack Makes Holocaust Remembrance Day More Important Than Ever,” reveals why we should … Continue reading

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Blue Lives Matter, Brownsville, and Justice Reinvestment

The throngs of Trump’s January 6th Insurrectionists attacking Capitol police plays across my mind, over and over, like it is on rewind. The self-proclaimed “President of ‘Law and Order’” unleashed domestic terrorism and lawlessness practically unseen in the annals of … Continue reading

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Hammerin’ Hank, and Me!

Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron died yesterday, January 22, 2021. As soon as I learned of his death, I was deeply saddened. He was one of my childhood heroes, and when I played Little League Baseball I wore his “lucky” number … Continue reading

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“Hang Mike Pence!”

The January 6th Insurrectionists’ assault on our Capitol revealed a number of things beyond the American Divide, which is always racial, although this Insurrection was framed as political by most of the talking heads. Of all the disturbing images and … Continue reading

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The Amazing Grace of Black People

Just the other day on social media I posted that Black people in America embody amazing grace. That thought came to the forefront of my mind when Lori Marie Key, a Black nurse, sang Amazing Grace at the national COVID … Continue reading

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Old Confederate Soldiers Never Die

Old Confederate soldiers never die,Never die, never die,Old Confederate soldiers never die,They simply become memorialized.

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“Race factors in reporting of criminal justice”

In the above referenced editorial, Len Levitt’s “NYPD Confidential” column, he notes a few criminal legal cases where race may or may not have been a factor, and how readers responded.  Ironically, by the responses, you could safely bet your … Continue reading

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#NationalRacistAnthem (My Favorite Things)

Blood drops on roses And nooses on niggas Bright copper kettles and boiling some jiggers Brown men and brown women hung up on trees These are a few of my favorite things White-hooded Klansmen and black burning bodies Nazis and … Continue reading

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Amadou Diallo — 20 years later

Today is the 20th anniversary of the killing of Amadou Diallo by New York’s “Finest.” All those years ago, I wrote the following poem, which is included in my collection, “Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats”: ON A BRONX STREET … Continue reading

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