The New York Post, Commissioner Broken Windows, Chief Banks, and “Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats”

I don’t believe anything written in The New York Post, not even the Sports Pages. Actually, I don’t read the Post.  I went to Alexander Hamilton High School (now Paul Robeson), and know that Hamilton started the Post.   I know Hamilton has turned over in his grave many times, what with what the paper he founded has become.  Still, I wonder how much truth is in yesterday’s cover story, in that the City’s First Lady said something to the effect that Commissioner Broken Windows cannot be trusted.  It was kinda comical, not what the First Lady said, but the unusual Sunday joint press conference between the Mayor and Commissioner Broken Windows, addressing what they said is not true.  They had this press conference for a reason.  There has to be some truth somewhere in that cover story.  The Post, if nothing else, has an editorial board that knows that you take a grain of truth and make up a story and thus a headline, to get people’s attention. Admittedly, the Post is good at that, stirring things up.  Something in that article got the Mayor and the Commissioner into a joint press conference on Sunday, instead of watching football.  Maybe Chief Banks will come clean, true and blue, and tell the truth, why he resigned from the NYPD.  Here is a guy who probably should have been the Commissioner, instead of Commissioner Broken Windows.  This was one of Bill de Blasio’s first tests, and he failed miserably.  Here is another strike against the Mayor, a foul ball in a street ball game that breaks a window.

William E. Waters is the author of Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats.


About William Eric Waters, aka Easy Waters

Award-winning poet, playwright and writer. Author of three books of poetry, "Black Shadows and Through the White Looking Glass: Remembrance of Things Past and Present"; "Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats"; "The Black Feminine Mystique," and a novel, "Streets of Rage." All four books are available on
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