From EZ Waters

I am working on a novel that has been brewing in my mind for nearly 10 years.  I’m finally getting it out of my head and onto paper.  I am never more alive than when I am writing.  Writing is like flying.  It’s a marvelous feeling, fraught with danger, defying the gods, mastering/conquering one of the elements.


About William Eric Waters, aka Easy Waters

Award-winning poet, playwright and writer. Author of three books of poetry, "Black Shadows and Through the White Looking Glass: Remembrance of Things Past and Present"; "Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats"; "The Black Feminine Mystique," and a novel, "Streets of Rage." All four books are available on
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1 Response to From EZ Waters

  1. Eugene Peterkin says:

    Outstanding message that should not be taken for granted but to the heart and soul .


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