Working on the P.I. Novel — The Summer of Capri

I believe I can fly!

Work on the novel is going well.  Just wrote a scene, a flashback.  The main character, Alexander Jones, a P.I., is thinking about his brother, killed in a gang war in the mid-’70s.

About William Eric Waters, aka Easy Waters

Award-winning poet, playwright and writer. Author of three books of poetry, "Black Shadows and Through the White Looking Glass: Remembrance of Things Past and Present"; "Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats"; "The Black Feminine Mystique," and a novel, "Streets of Rage." All four books are available on
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2 Responses to Working on the P.I. Novel — The Summer of Capri

  1. Eric, keep writing brother. Keep allowing the words to run through you. The world needs more black voices; more stories of truth and triumph for young minds and bruised hearts to read, visualize and re-member because, they too, have lived them.
    I admire your honesty; your authenticity; your commitment to the craft. I also admire your struggle because I know it well. I will check on you periodically to inquire about the “birthing” of Capri and her story. We don’t need anymore stillborn children in the world so keep creating and adding meat to her bones.
    Thank you for sharing your newborn creation with me.
    Blessings Brother, Shawnee


  2. Deborah Tillery says:

    I have read the first six chapters of The Summer of Capri and it was really good reading. It drew me into the story and left me wanting to know what happens next. I am an avid reader and I like for a book to capture my attention from the first page. You have done that. I don’t know if it is intentional, but I can really see you in the story. You are very descriptive and detailed in your writing. Though this can be a good thing, try not to give so much detail and let me fill in some of the blanks with my own imagination. Give me just enough to be able to fill in the blanks. I like how you tied in the information about the inventors’ into the story. I really encourage you to put this book to print. It sounds like it will be a best seller because it really captures the life experiences of so many people. It’s real. One more thing, “What’s with you and the flies?” LOL


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