The Slaughter of the Innocents

In the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd, I have been rereading some of my poems in my collection about police misconduct, Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats. I am even more disturbed now than when in 1995 I started writing poems taken from headlines of police misconduct and police killings of the innocents, especially kids. This poem, “The Slaughter of the Innocents, is from said collection:

Another policeman stands accused

Of yet another innocent’s death.

Community pressure on prosecutors

To indict this killer cop.

A 13-year-old boy with a toy gun,

Like a common criminal shot dead.

One moment alive, playing cops and robbers,

The next dead – a moment far too many parents dread!

At the morgue, the parents identify their boy,

A still life picture of him on a stainless steel slab –

Recent memories of him playing with his toy.

Mother and father dab at their eyes.

They look at their dead son in disbelief,

Unable to contain their unspeakable grief.

Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats


About William Eric Waters, aka Easy Waters

Award-winning poet, playwright and writer. Author of three books of poetry, "Black Shadows and Through the White Looking Glass: Remembrance of Things Past and Present"; "Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats"; "The Black Feminine Mystique," and a novel, "Streets of Rage." All four books are available on
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